This Twitter thread of dads texting the bare minimum will make you say ‘OK’
2017%252f10%252f20%252fa0%252fchloebryan11.0b114.jpg%252f90x90By Chloe Bryan

Dads are not known for being prolific texters. While there are exceptions to the rule, we suspect that all dads have, at some point, received secret instructions to only respond with “OK.”

Now, this phenomenon has been immortalized in an extremely good Twitter thread. It was started by user @zenuhhh, who tweeted her text history with her dad on Saturday.

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Look familiar? It did to a lot of other people, too. The thread quickly filled up with people whose dads cannot seem to text in complete sentences. They would rather talk on the phone, OK? What is it with kids and all this texting?

We encourage you to send this thread to your dad and see what he says. It will probably be “OK.”

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