This may be the worst flub in game show history
2016%2f09%2f16%2f32%2fhttpsd2mhye01h4nj2n.cloudfront.netmediazgkymde2lza0.fbd93By Brian Koerber

The pressure of being on TV coupled with the possibility of winning a ton of money is part of what makes game shows so entertaining. People will inevitably embarrass themselves for the viewers’ enjoyment. 

But sometimes a blunder will happen that’s so egregious, it feels impossible to blame entirely on TV jitters.

On Sunday’s episode of ABC’s The $100,000 Pyramid, a contestant named Evan was feeding hints to his celebrity partner Tim Meadows in hopes Meadows would guess the hidden phrase. 

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Evan starts off with an easy one. The subject is “People Whose Last Name is Obama.”

But instead of giving Meadows the hint of Michelle or Barack — you know, arguably one of the most famous couples in the world — Evan clears his throat, breathes deeply, and says, “Bin Laden.”

Yes, Bin Laden. 

After what seems like forever, Evan finally remembers the 44th president’s first name and gives Meadows the clue “Barack.” Meadows then correctly guesses the Obamas, because, duh. 

Now, to be fair, Evan is a new father who admitted right off the bat that he was exhausted.

“Evan, you’re a new father. $50,000 is gonna help in some way, I’m sure,” host Michael Strahand asks him before the Bin Laden flub. 

“Oh, yes. So, me and my wife are very tired. And I want to try to use some of that money to get us a little help so that we can get some sleep,” he said.

But still. Bin Laden!?

Evan ended up walking away with $8,500 in winnings, and we sincerely hope some naps are in his future. 

Softball Strahand used the few moments after the game to criticize Meadows for failing to guess “margaritas” for another question. While he didn’t call out Evan for the Bin Laden hint, Twitter was on it.

Category: “People who’s last names are Obama”

Contestant: Um…uh…Bin Laden!

🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ #100KPyramid

— floating space tetrahedron (@byecacia) August 13, 2018

Did he really just start off with “Bin Laden”, then struggle with Obama family names, only to say Barack with uncertainty?!! #100KPyramid


— Mia J ツ (@Free2BMia) August 13, 2018

No matter how your Monday is going, just remember:

At least you’re not the guy on The $100,000 Pyramid who saw the subject “People Named Obama” and gave the clue “Bin Laden.”

— Chad Mosher (@ChadMosher) August 13, 2018

wait. wait. wait. what happened after? Is this real? Could he not see? I need more!!!

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) August 13, 2018

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