Piers Morgan gets dragged for going after men holding babies
2018%2f04%2f02%2f74%2fheadshot.edeb7By Morgan Sung


I regret to inform you that Piers Morgan is at it again. The TV personality, known for his terrible hot takes, blatant misogyny, and strange obsession with Donald Trump took to Twitter to rail against … good fathers? 

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He posted a photo of Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond, holding his infant in an adorable spotted baby carrier. Implying that Craig was “emasculated” for caring being a good father, Morgan tweeted, “Oh 007.. not you as well?” 

Morgan hashtagged #emasculatedBond as well as #papoose, which according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a “type of bag used to carry a child on one’s back.” 

Twitter users immediately went after him for his absolutely ridiculous take. 

Piers Morgan comes out in strong opposition towards… (checks notes) parents caring for their children

— Evilshai ✡ Frankensteinberger (@avishaiw) October 15, 2018

I agree with Piers Morgan. What kind of father carries his own baby? When handed his baby a real man will SWAT IT TO THE GROUND and then do 50 push-ups THE NON GIRLY KIND to show that baby what a REAL DAD IS

— Leslie Grossman (@MissLeslieG) October 15, 2018

To be fair if I saw Piers Morgan holding a baby I would probably step in

— ragazza_pazza (@heatherkenny) October 15, 2018

Yes Piers, its called a baby, I can see why you’re confused- you only get one if a woman fucks you.

— Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) October 15, 2018

You know you’ve been too loud when even the dictionary comes after you. 

Some want to stop giving him attention entirely. 

Piers Morgan 100% cranks off to getting owned in his mentions, so if you @ him you’re contributing to that

— Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) October 15, 2018

Men began posting pictures of themselves with their babies in response. 

So wait, I get to post a cute picture of my son, fight toxic masculinity, AND drag Piers Morgan at the same time? Did I… did I win the lottery pic.twitter.com/tb0je0JGrf

— BOOOOOrad Haunted-Houston (@herodotusjr) October 15, 2018

Morgan, unfazed by the whole backlash, went as far as to suggest that he could play James Bond, and he was thoroughly roasted for that too. 

One thing’s clear after tonight’s ferocious Papoose-gate debate: we need a new James Bond.

A 007 who looks sharp in a tux & wouldn’t be seen dead in a papoose…. pic.twitter.com/2u4jsATSfS

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 15, 2018

I recall James Bond being a LOT more secure in his masculinity – not needing to knock down other men in order to feel good about himself.

— Cannabis and Coffee (@IHeartCandC) October 15, 2018

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the fact that men holding cute babies is drowning out Piers Morgan on Twitter. 

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