Logitech’s new wireless charger is tailor-made for the iPhone

If you’re tired of waiting for the AirPower to finally arrive, Logitech has a quick, iPhone-shaped fix. 

The company’s new Powered wireless charger, designed “in collaboration with Apple,” can’t charge more than one device at a time, but it’s tailor-made for the iPhone (especially the iPhone X) and has a couple of details that might make you choose it over other chargers.

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Don’t expect anything magical, though: Logitech Powered is a Qi-compatible wireless charging stand providing 7.5W of power. 

Image: Logitech

But the devil is in the detail. For example, the Powered has a u-shaped cradle that keeps your phone from falling out. It’s also designed to work in both portrait and landscape mode, and it’s angled at a 65-degree angle that Logitech claims is optimal for Face ID recognition. 

Image: Logitech

Powered’s design complements the iPhone’s curves, it’s compatible with official Apple cases (both silicone and leather) and is only available in white. There’s no two ways about it: This thing is primarily aimed at iPhone owners. However, it will work with other Qi-enabled phones with similar dimensions, which includes Samsung S9 and S9+, for example. 

Logitech Powered will become available in August for $69.99. 

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