Hulu takes another dig at Netflix, drop its price to just $5.99 per month


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Hulu isn't done taunting Netflix just yet.
Hulu isn’t done taunting Netflix just yet.

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Just as Netflix’s prices go up, Hulu’s are going down.

Hulu has announced today that its reducing the price of its ad-supported subscription plan to $5.99 per month. The current price for Hulu’s lowest-tiered plan is $7.99 per month.. The company’s “no ads” plan will remain priced at $11.99 per month.

This move comes just a week after the streaming service’s biggest competitor, Netflix, unveiled its largest price increase ever. The price of Netflix’s most popular plan is now $13 per month.

However, the move to undercut Netflix’s prices isn’t the first time Hulu’s taken a swipe at its competitor this month. Last week, amid Netflix’s big promotion for the upcoming release of its anticipated Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Hulu dropped a surprise. It released its own Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre Fraud, before Netflix’s film.

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In its pricing announcement, Hulu also unveiled a price increase for its Hulu + Live TV plan. That plan will be going from $39.99 to $44.99 per month. 

Hulu Live TV brings channels like ABC, NBC, and CBS as well as cable networks like TBS, A&E, CNN, and FX to your Hulu plan. The service also offers a cloud DVR option. Netflix currently does not have a Live TV service as part of its platform. YouTube’s streaming television service, YouTube TV, announced an expansion of its service today. It offers many of the same networks, plus a more robust DVR service, for $40 per month.

Earlier this month, the company boasted that Hulu had more than 25 million subscribers across all of its streaming plans. Netflix later shared its own subscriber numbers which saw the service grow by 29 million subscribers in 2018 alone. Netflix currently has approximately 146 million subscribers.

As competition heats up with more streaming services jump into the marketplace, Hulu is clearly looking to provide the most bang for your buck by offering the most affordable current paid streaming option. Lets see if the price drop and digs at Netflix pay off for Hulu.

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