Celebrity gives thumbs up after eating bull’s penis, becomes instant meme
2018%2f10%2f17%2f52%2flauraps.2264fBy Laura Byager

Some moments are just such a mood that they are almost begging to become a meme. One such moment occurred Sunday on UK TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.  

When Arrow star John Barrowman had to eat unspeakable things for his so-called “Bushtucker Trial” (a challenge on the show where contestants have to do or eat very unpleasant things to earn extra food for their team), a very meme-able thing happened.

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After having chewed his way through a big chunk of a bull’s penis, Barrowman buried his head in the crook of his elbow while delivering an unenthusiastic thumbs up to his team mates. 

This move struck a chord with a lot of people who turned Barrowman’s thumbs-up moment into a meme that perfectly expresses the feeling of claiming you’re ok despite obviously being very not-ok. 

We’ve all been there, honestly. 

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